[Redacted] has often discussed “roping” as an initiatory device. Ideas, of course, don’t signify content: they signal an emptiness, and their life and duty in this world is to preserve or defend that emptiness. Roping thus involves taking two or more such vacancies and fabricating a thrust, or a wind, like a mobile fortress against the demons of presence that surround us. Performed correctly, the process will envelope the roper. Inoculated from her own agency, the roper enters a self-sufficient labor of occult velocity.

One becomes implicated or imbricated in a plenum. It is like the motion of a belt that ceaselessly fastens itself. What quickness! What hygiene!

More hylic maneuvers are often warranted or even required. A traditional method involves locating the gallblader in its latent mentation. Sufficient attention allows the performer to emanate a skin or membrane which likewise inoculates her from the stifled aggressions of the full.

All of these activities operate under the same principle, which [redacted] calls spectration. Suffice to say, in such states an initiate’s specter doesn’t inhabit some other dimension, it has merely accelerated by some magnitude. The acceleration is always relative, never absolute (past a given relative velocity, a body is considered spectral).

Signposts can be found by observing previous initiates. One should ask: how fast am I, in relation to Thelma Evans, to Austin Spare? To Caravaggio?

Dawn E.

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